Beginner, I wanted through this site, to share my experiences. These few pages will help you, I am sure, in your approach. Good reading.


    Often for beginners and the general public, aesthetics boils down to saying "Ha pretty!, Ah it's ugly!" or "I do not like the green with the blue". But the aesthetics of a website is not just its simple subgestives remarks, it is above all in establishing harmony ...


    Simplicity as a result of a creative process is “the ultimate sophistication”, as Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) said. Achieving simplicity is a difficult task not only in web-design but in every discipline (art, business, sports, science…), yet simplicity for websites is a particular challenge as paper derived graphic design and usability on one side, marketing language and user expectations on the other side are in constant struggle with each-other.


    When you land on a pageless site you are immediately immersed in the opening lines of a great story. The ultra simplified design gets out of the visitors’ way and the story you’re trying to tell takes center stage for their entire journey through the site.

    All that is left is the beginning of a well crafted story where the only thing the visitor must do to progress it, is the most natural and intuitive thing on the web – scrolling.


    The material environment is a 3D space, which means all objects have x, y, and z dimensions. The z-axis is perpendicularly aligned to the plane of the display, with the positive z-axis extending towards the viewer. Every sheet of material occupies a single position along the z-axis and has a standard 1dp thickness.

  • Dare to, Create, Be in the present.

    "A website allows communication without borders and continuously."


    • Indeed have a website provides a showcase of your business, your passion ... Accessible anywhere in the world.

    • Internet is the only medium of mass communication to disseminate both text, photos, audio, and video.

    • This ability makes it a particularly rich medium, alive and dynamic. But before tackling the "how" see the broad outlines of creating a website.


    The world of Internet has it fascinating that he saw a perpetual revolution.

    "Imagination is one thing, reality is another and discouraged many."


    • Before you jump into the deep end, we invite you to read the fundamentals for creating your website, your blog.

    • The following is guaranteed to leave nothing to chance. And do not you start first in the tool, thinking that it will solve all your problems.

    • Around 40% of the world population has an internet connection today. In 1995, it was less than 1%.
      The number of internet users has increased tenfold from 1999 to 2013.
      The first billion was reached in 2005. The second billion in 2010. The third billion in 2014.


    Creation, design, graphics and charter.

    "Found be iconoclastic and break the usual codes."

    Being creative does not mean copying, it is often inspire and do better different.

    For this you have to play between several natural tendencies as taking action, creativity and originality.

    Originality is a topic near and dear to my heart lately. All digital marketers want to be the person to come up with that great idea that gets acclaim, wins awards, and proves amazing value and ROI for their client. We are in a world that went from tactics back to overall marketing but in a digital age. Small businesses are competing with larger ones and we are all on the same global stage.

    Choosing the right tools is equally essential for a successful website.

    "But how to choose the right tools for your project ?"

    Choosing the good CMS tools, Open Source, the editor, adopt the color palette.

    In short, the right tools and if possible not too expensive. Indeed, how to find when not looking in the right place !

    Most people look at price or features, and just assume if the price is low and the features are numerous, they will be set. But that’s not always the case. A tool could have 1,000+ features, which is pretty awesome. But if you are only going to need three of those features, then there’s no sense in A) paying for things you don’t need or B) not choosing a tool that is awesome at the three features you need and instead choosing one that is so-so at a 1,000+ features.

    Social networks, Communities and Sharing.

    "Operation over a network requires to maintain and enrich."


    Real phenomenon in recent years on the Internet, social networks have been able to develop to reach worldwide millions of users.


    For an individual to join a social or relational network is considered a privileged way out of isolation and personal development:

    • Have contacts for doors open more easily,
    • Advice,
    • Share ideas,
    • Expand its contacts ...

    Nobody can live without Internet.

    "Communicate to give credibility to your business even if your business does not happen on the Internet."


    • Whatever industry your business, whether you are shopping, artisan or entrepreneur, being on the internet through a showcase site can increase your capital communication.

    • At a time when everything must go very quickly, give the customer the ability to leave messages with the client via a contact form, or to be reminded to get an answer practically live is a mark of professionalism increasingly most sought after.


  • Find something awesome.

    Together we are stronger.

  • How to find inspiration ?

    "How to be always inspired to avoid the blank page syndrome ?"


    • The inspiration is to be very simple, a psychological mechanism based on many of our faculties such as memory, intelligence, artistic ability or logical, and others depending on the area. This magical little thing allows us to be imaginative, creative, escape from our environment.

    • Do not get stuck on his first idea: Often it hangs or even to want to do something this way and not another. While we can often find alternatives, another idea to circumvent the blocking us.


    Web design : responsive or not ?

    "Web design refers to the design of the web interface."


    • Users connecting more often from their phone or tablet, websites must be able to adapt to new ways of connection. Tactility or slow internet speed, each terminal has features and a screen resolution of its own and make the rendering is different in basic site.

    • The Responsive Design is a strategic long-term solution because it allows a search to answer more quickly by displaying only the most relevant elements to mobile users. With responsive Web design, more concern redirection link.

    • Once established, there is very little maintenance to be performed and the cost of development is more interesting than a specialized mobile site.


    Trends : deep in the web.

    "Trends come and go, though this year is the good year !"


    • Discover webdesign trends, a summary of the main aspects approached by specialized websites. Generally speaking a few words summarize what is expected on the web: simplicity, colors, high quality visuals.

    • Mobile, personal cloud, Internet of Things, 3D printing, RTB ... Here we reserve the sector of the digital economy for the coming year.


  • Medium connects people, stories, and ideas that matter to you.

  • Online video promotes understanding of certain messages.

    It allows you to build a rewarding and consistent image to the project company.


    • The video can accompany change. A new plant is installed, the arrival of staff, moving, life CE, the result of sales, the launch of new subsidiaries, projects and work in progress, safety rules to adopt simulation extreme situation, the advertising campaigns of the brand, its history ... Anything that helps to nourish the life of the company can be a video, and thereby enhance the internal communication of the company causing dialogue.


    • Conveying the institutional content, promotional, explanatory, educational, the image is a tool to facilitate capitalization, transfer and sharing of knowledge. A company may decide to supply its commercial communications or internal communications with audiovisual content. Through the video, the brand can convey a strong message, emotional and immersive.


    • Internally, the benefits of video on the internet are endless, and it is difficult to be exhaustive. All "traditional" media have a video corollary likely to increase their impact and all existing content can be reused.



    You're awesome. Let's talk.



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