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Trends and Predictions for Web Design

In the tech industry, things move fast. Real fast. Web design and development is no different. Just ask anyone who tries to keep up with all the Javascript libraries and frameworks! All that change makes it interesting watching and predicting where the industry is going. As I did last year, I’ve written up some thoughts on what’s ahead for 2015 and beyond.
Machine Learning "AI" Driven Design

Marrying human input, design rules, and preplanned configurations, there’s a wave of design services arriving that auto-generate design output. Some of them are a little 'smoke and mirrors' at the moment, but don’t dismiss this trend just yet, because it’s going to step up in the years to come.

To date, we’ve mostly seen logo services like Tailor, Design Rails andWithoomph. But next year will see the launch of the very well funded web design tool: The Grid. This new entrant promises nothing less than an "AI" driven experience. Don’t worry though, this isn’t Skynet - our websites aren’t going to turn on us just yet. Rather, the grid appears to be a suite of machine learning and algorithmic systems that generate designs that flex around, and are based on, the content you input.

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